Why Aurora

Investing can be stressful and overly complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. That’s why we’re here. Through years of research and experience we’ve discovered the roots to many common issues that often plague investors. These issues continue to surface, especially in times of market turmoil, because the investment processes used by the majority of advisors are generally based on the same core ideas that have not changed—some of which are clearly flawed. The lack of real differentiation has created a culture in the advisory world of rivalry through imitation and marketing rather than one of continuous, meaningful advancements. This is a problem for which we are providing an real solution.

In recent years, technology has caused monumental advancements in most every industry and we believe today’s investment advisors should embrace these advancements. We’ve found the most common strategies today are still based off multi-decade old approaches with certain “features” added or automation applied. Such strategies are typically not adaptive enough for this ever-changing, machine-driven market climate, nor do they necessarily address risks in ways that are relevant to the market we’ve seen in recent years (2008-present). We believe investors deserve a better option than this.

At Aurora we take a ground-up approach to investing, challenging the status quo of many traditionally accepted ideas and assumptions. We understand that in order to create a truly innovative process you must look where others have not so you can discover solutions others have not. We created Aurora because we know investors are ready for a new approach–an advisory service that incorporates deep thought at every step. If you’re ready for something new, then we’re here to help.